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June 27, 2011

           C O M I N G   S O O N !

Welcome to Australia! – the place Baz Lurmann’s Australia didn’t tell us about.

The veritable elephant in the room is making noises again, and what it’s saying has nothing to do with cattle drives, blowflies or waltzing matilda.

Welcome to the best-kept, secret meeting place in the world! – home to a surprising collection of characters.

Here is a tale made up of many tales – a collective initiation story of the tribe, to which we all belong, though we seldom acknowledge it.

Here, the search for “the good life” is conducted at the boundaries, across borders, fought out in the streets, on buses, in office blocks and housing-commision flats; where the immovable block of tradition and history crashes headlong into the seductive and irresitible force of change: a Filipino father tormented and driven to viloence by the fear his son might be gay; the Vietnamese mother who refuses to accept her daughter’s boyfriend because he isn’t Asian; an Afghani university student whose possessive, widowed mother frustrates his every effort to assert his Independence, a Pakistani daughter, grieving for a dying father that was never able to return her love.

Here is a nation composed of many nations. The eternal Elephant in the room of human history, which cannot be seeen or heard or understood until every part is seen and heard.

Here is a fable for this time – for all times – for a world made small by the Internet and mass communication. In such a place, it is only the complete story that encourages the vitality and courage that makes “the good life” possible.

All men and women are brothers and sisters in a story well-told.

Produced by Amin Palangi and Billy Marshall Stoneking.  

Screenplay: Billy Marshall Stoneking. 

Direction: Amin Palangi.

ATTENTION! MUSICIAN/COMPOSERS!! The Producers of SEEING THE ELEPHANT invite you to submit original songs for this feature – all styles considered: pop, country, jazz, blues, world, hip-hop, vocals and instrumentals. Send to EDITOR.

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