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March 27, 2010

Extol the world to the angel, not the unsayable;

You cannot impress him with exalted feelings. In the universe

As he is able to feel it, you are all but unborn. So show

Him the simple things, those formed by passion and consummation,

How life in our hands and our eyes is to us.

Tell him of objects. He will stand astonished at

The ropemaker in Rome or the potter beside the Nile.

Show him how fortunate an object can be; how blameless;

How ours; how the ringing song resolves into pure form,

Serves as an object or dies in an object; how happily it escapes

The violin. And these living things, understood

Through their decease, their fading, that you celebrate,

They rely on us, the most fading, for their preservation.

They are desires – formed in the hearts hidden even from sight

Of their maker – O eternal!

And in the end we become them.

Rainer Maria Rilke     Ninth Elegy- The Duino Elegies

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